Originated from North America but now termed as the national card game of United States, poker has been one of the most prominent card games. People tend to play poker in casinos, clubs, online and even in their own families as it certainly displays a glimpse of the American culture. You can also play poker on betist.

What is Poker?

It is a card game that comprises of one hand which means, a player can have 5 cards in hand to commence with the game. It is played from a standard 52-card deck, in which the 4 suites i.e., Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs are included. It is mostly played amidst 7-8 players.

The game has three major forms:

  • Draw Poker: Initially termed as straight-poker, this type was played in a way in which each player had to deal with 5 cards facedown, and the game sets about by a betting interval, usually starting from the person to the left of the dealer and then is followed by a showdown. After a while, straight poker was overshadowed by draw poker which allowed every active player to get replacements by swapping the cards they had been given with the undealt portion of the deck.
  • Stud Poker: It is further categorized into two types i.e., Five-card and Seven-card Stud Poker. In the Five-card stud the players are distributed with one card (Hole Card) facedown and one card faceup, after which the betting interval is commenced, three more rounds of similar dealing are made in which every active player gets a faceup card, and a betting interval is placed after every round. The Fourth round is called as the showdown where players show their facedown cards after the betting interval have finished.
  • Seven-Card stud: Everything is similar but the players are dealt with 2 facedown cards and 1 faceup card before the first betting interval, after which the three rounds take place. Seven-card stud is considered as the most popular poker variant since players are forced to adjust their calculations on the basis of numerous exposed cards.
  • Community Card Poker: This type comprises of two other types which are the Texas hold’em and the Omaha. In Texas Hold’em, the players are distributed with five cards faceup to form their best hand. This game is usually played with a fixed limit or pot limit, but some tournaments use the table-stakes method to determine the winner quickly through elimination.